Aermacchi S-211 flight - Jandakot to South Australia (10.09.10)

The SIAI-Marchetti S.211 is a turbofan-powered Basic jet trainer designed and produced by the Italian manufacturer SIAI-Marchetti which was bought and inherited by Aermacchi S.P.A in 1997. The S-211 is a small tandem two-seat shoulder-wing monoplane with a retractable tricycle landing gear. The aircraft was designed for a secondary close air support capability with four under wing hard points for the carriage of weapons and other external stores. The maiden flight of the Aermacchi S-211 was on the 10th of April 1981 and it entered into service in 1984. Primary users were the Haiti, Singaporean and Philippine Air Force. There were a total of approximately 60 built between 1981 and 1994 and some are still active with the Philippine Air Force and civilian operators in Australia and the USA.
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