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Trailer of the Panavia Tornado by Alphsim The Panavia Tornado is a family of twin-engine, variable-sweep wing combat aircraft, which was jointly developed by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy. There are three primary versions of the Tornado; the Tornado IDS (interdictor/strike) fighter-bomber, the suppression of enemy air defences Tornado ECR (electronic combat/reconnaissance) and the Tornado ADV (air defence variant) interceptor. Developed and built by Panavia, a tri-national consortium consisting of British Aerospace (previously British Aircraft Corporation), MBB of West Germany, and Aeritalia of Italy, the Tornado first flew on 14 August 1974, and saw action with the Royal Air Force (RAF), Italian Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force in the Gulf War. International co-operation continued after its entry into service within the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment, a tri-nation training and evaluation unit operating from RAF Cottesmore, UK. Including all variants, 992 aircraft were built for the three partner nations and Saudi Arabia. available at and For FS2004 and FSX Features - - NINE model variations with FIVE detailed texture sets : 1- 12º Gruppo, 36º Stormo, AMI, 4x AIM-9, 4x Skyflash 2- 5 Sqn, 4x AIM-9, 4x Skyflash, large tanks 3- 11 Sqn, 4x AIM-9, 4x Skyflash, small tanks 4- 25 sqn, Training fit with large tanks 5- 29 Sqn, Training fit with small tanks 6- 43 Sqn, 4x ASRAAM, 4x AMRAAM, small tanks 7- 111 Sqn, 4x ASRAAM, 4x AMRAAM, large tanks 8- 29 Sqn RSAF, 4x ASRAAM, 4x AMRAAM 9- 56 Sqn, Clean - full FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc) - FSX model includes V-C SELF-SHADOWING (effect requires FSX SP2/Accel, DX10 preview mode) - authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls - HUD included - stunning realistic texturing with highly detailed weathering - detailed and authentic weapons load outs - can be switched around by simple cfg editing - authentic all-xml 2D panel, hi-res glazed-effect gauges, custom pop-ups for ECU, autopilot and radios, fully mousable - animated canopy, pilots, reverser buckets, speedbrakes wing sweep, refueling probe - v-c night lighting - tailhook toggles remove-before-flight tags, intake/exhaust blanks & wheel chocks - ultra-realistic crew figures have auto animation and unique flight suits for each variant - crew shoulder squadron patches are hi-res and editable - FSX model includes fully modelled REAR COCKPIT with WORKING RADAR - working radar also usable in 2D panel as popup (FSX) - loaded model includes 18 payload entries in the cfg so custom weights can be programmed (default is no payloads) - detailed checklist and performance that precisely matches that of the real aircraft - custom effects for turbine glow (3-stage), smoke (startup & in-flight), wingtip and flap contrails and wing surface vapour 'flash' - very high quality Tornado soundset included (by TSS) - togglable realistic pilot figures - v-c rain effects (FS9 only) - 28-page .PDF User Manual included Trailer not mine comment Enjoy
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