At The Designer’s Desk - MiG-21PF “Fishbed D” - Custom Military Lego

The MiG-21 Soviet jet fighter performed in such an effective and deadly manner during the early part of the Vietnam War that the U.S. Navy was compelled to establish the Navy Fighters Weapons School or “Top Gun” at Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego, CA. The MiG-21PF variant featured better radar and improved range over its predecessor, and it carried air-to-air missiles instead of guns and was far more agile than its main American opponent, the F-4 Phantom. Join Cody and Landon in discussing our latest project - MiG-21PF “Fishbed D” - at the Designer’s Desk. Official release date is Friday, August 9, 2019. Order here: MiG-21PF “Fishbed D” - MIM-23 HAWK Missile Launcher - GAZ-67 - General Purpose 4x4 - WWII Russian Sapper - Perfect Caliber PPsh - WWII Chinese Soldiers Communist Sticker Pack - Join our WWII Pacific Theater MOC Contest - Check out our latest animation - Brickmania “20 Years of Awesome” T-Shirt - You can also follow our blog for the latest releases: Follow our social media to stay updated: Newsletter - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook -
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