BAC Strikemaster (G-SOAF) - Eastbourne 'Airbourne' Airshow 2018

Mark Petrie displaying his ex Royal Air Force of Sultanate of Oman BAC Strikemaster 82A, '425', G-SOAF at Eastbourne on Friday 17th August 2018 during 'Airbourne' Airshow 2018. The BAC 167 Strikemaster was a further development of the Jet Provost, designed and built in the 1950's by Hunting Percival in Luton. The Jet Provost was primarily a jet powered trainer for the RAF but it was also a successful light attack aircraft which saw success in the Middle-eastern export market. The Jet Provost T5 production continued alongside the development of the Strikemaster and the first prototype (G-27-8) flew from Warton on 26th October 1967. Strikemaster was a weaponised version with an uprated Rolls-Royce Viper turbo-jet engine, a strengthened airframe and wing hard-points and fuel tanks together with a completely new communications and navigational system in the cockpit alongside dual ejector seats. Initially marketed as a counter-insurgency aircraft, the Strikemaster also maintained its advanced trainer profile although most Middle-eastern users opted for the militarised version. Its rough airfield capability and low-maintenance costs made it a favourite amongst many third world governments. A total of 146 Strikemaster aircraft were built at Warton between 1967 – 1984 with the 2 major production types and 12 variants seeing service in 10 different countries as late as 2009. In the UK, the RAF opted to continue with its Jet Provosts until the early 80’s which it subsequently replaced with the British Aerospace Hawk. Today most surviving Strikemasters are in private hands and are in the care of enthusiasts and museum groups. Video and Audio content is Copyright © 2018 S Keeler This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form (except as the videos Youtube embedded video option on any other website), without written permission.
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