Buran Soviet Russian Space Shuttle, Antonov An-22, 747 Museum Germany

Buran USSR Soviet Russian Space Shuttle, Antonov An-22, Lufthansa 747 and more at the Technik Museum Speyer Germany. See the Soviet Union's Space Shuttle Buran up close. The prototype completed 25 atmospheric flights fitted with turbine engines for controlled test flights. Unlike the United States NASA Space Shuttle, the Buran only completed one flight in space with two orbits however it was an unmanned mission complete with a runway landing. The Antonov AN-22 is one of the worlds largest propeller aircraft. Walkthrough a huge russian transport widebody aircraft with the flight deck on the upper deck and a see through glass nose on the lower deck. Also get to walkthrough a Boeing 747 mounted at an angle high up in the sky with a slide down to the ground. The Lufthansa 747-200 allows visitors to access the cargo hold and walk out on the wing for a great view of Speyer Germany and the Technik Museum Speyer. The configuration offers a lot of unique views of the 747 jumbo jet and one of a kind access. #Buran #SpaceShuttle #USSR http://www.drakestravels.com Music: Soviet March by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com
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