Convoy Of Apache Helicopters Take Off From Civilian Airport - U.S. Army: Boeing AH-64

Yesterday 6 Apache Helicopters landed at the Modesto Airport in Modesto, California. The Apaches, otherwise known as Boeing AH-64's were forced to land in Modesto when heavy fog interrupted their trip south. The group of 12 military men and women were from the U.S. Army. They were on a mission to deliver 6 older Delta Model Apache Helicopters from Fort Lewis, Washington to Fort Bliss, Texas in order to be used for training. The Soldiers at Fort Lewis are now using the new Echo Model Apache Helicopter in combat. The Army Helicopters drew crowds to the airport both yesterday and today. People of all types came out to take a close-up look at the impressive War Machines rarely seen in the Modesto, California area. Modesto News .org was there today when the Soldiers departed the Modesto Airport to continue on with their mission. A crowd of about 100 locals was there to see the Apaches off. We were able to talk with one of the Apache Pilots, an Army Officer named Emily Hills about their mission before they took off. Be sure to stay tuned to Modesto News .org for more exclusive and unique videos like this in the future. All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2013 Tags: Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter Helicopters "Apache Helicopter" "Apache Helicopters" "Apache Helicopter take off" "take off" takeoff take-off "Apache Helicopter takeoff" "Apache Helicopter footage" close-up "Boeing AH-64" "Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter" United States Army "Attack Helicopter" "Apache Attack Helicopter" "Army Helicopter" civilian airspace "civilian airspace" Modesto California airport "Modesto Airport" news interview "news story" "Helicopter news" "Delta Model" "Echo Model" "Attack Chopper" Chopper
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