Drawing the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

After the Supermarine Spitfire this is my favorite airplane. From all jets is definitely the sleekest one. What a pleasure is to travel the lines when I did the drawing. I felt the adrenaline of flying it. Lockheed created the F-104 Starfighter Aircraft. An incredible airplane with a dart shape and very stubby wings. As featured in the movie The Right Stuff I got inspired to create a drawing with minimal lines. I hope you like this video, drop me a Like, Comment and Share it with airplanes enthusiast. If you know a F-104 pilot send him or her this videoscribe as a gift! Enjoy the sound effects too! Let your imagination fly! Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Role: Interceptor aircraft, fighter-bomber National origin: United States Manufacturer: Lockheed First flight: 17 February 1956 Introduction: 20 February 1958 Retired: 31 October 2004 Primary users: United States Air Force German Air Force Japan Air Self-Defense Force Turkish Air Force Number built: 2,578 Unit cost: US$1.42 million (F-104G) Developed from Lockheed XF-104 Variants: Lockheed NF-104A Canadair CF-104 Aeritalia F-104S Developed into: CL-1200 Lancer and X-27 Lockheed F-104 Star fighter, airplanes, military, science, jet, Flying, air force, aviation, sleak, slender, dart, fast, Mach, drawing, Sparkol, Videoscribe, Video Scribe, interceptor, artwork, the great stuff, breaking sound barrier hand, drawing, coloring book, minimalist, lines, ink, canvas, software, profile, F-104, 104, Fighter jet. All Rights Reserved - (C) 2015 Copyrights - MORPH
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