Eurofighter Typhoon Scramble and Intercept demonstration | Dassault Falcon 900 | AirPower 2019

This is the footage about my spotting at Air Power 2019 (Zeltweg - Austria). In this video we have two EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON during an intercept demonstration of a Dassault Falcon 900. In military aviation, scrambling is the act of quickly mobilising military aircraft. Scrambling can be in reaction to an immediate threat, usually to intercept hostile aircraft. Location: Zeltweg Airbase (Austria) Date: Friday 6 September 2019 ---------------------------- Camera: Canon Coolpix P900 Hashtag: #airpower #jetfighter #airplane #flight #planespotting #planes #aviation #airport #aereo #airshow #eurofighter #typhoon #falcon900 ---------------------------- COPYRIGHT OF FRANKIE HM CHANNEL If you want to use this video mail me to have the permission and remember to credits and link my channel. Mail to: If you have videos, that you want to be featured, please submit your video here:
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