F18 Hornet Vs 3 Mig 21 Fishbed (DCS)

I have beed practicing with the F18 and I'm figuring out some basic functions like switching on Air to Air missiles and knowing how to 'switch to guns' which so far I can only do if I first select Air to Ground and then select guns. I wish I could have both guns and air to air missiles selected at the same time, because sometimes ive had a Mig pass in front and it would have done with a spray from the gun, but gun not available in air to air missile mode. This vid is in medium to low graphics settings, but with aircraft set to high detail. Correspondingly the FPS is very smooth throughout. Checkout my site: https://froggyfrog9000.com/ Checkout my Rig https://froggyfrog9000.com/my-rig/ Checkout my exclusive clothing line https://froggyfrog9000.com/t-shirt-frog-t-shirts/ Please support the channel via Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/FroggyFrog9000 *Video requests* Send me your video request with a donation and the requested theme/topic. Don't forget to state the topic. Donate on Patreon or Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send me coins at address: bitcoin: 1PBbjTTuoak2bzbeZDHU2SvSuSFMB59Gu6 bitcoinCash: 1F2oKonh7D9pWgqTXRdgXT34ZgzDykeCVY Dash: XfRDiHHSUjvAnSuHED2LDqShvaWnEPB7oK Doge: D9EAFSBAPE5amaegaPCFLurxMiHZnJRngQ Etherium: 0xbbd28858e3917f32b40f1100c27c93b9c9f5662c Litecoin: LiWH4GAtoYvUnruNLu7SGh8BzK1CsWbBYg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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