F-15 & F-16 Air-to-Air/AGG demonstration@Nellis AFB Air Show 2012

November 10-11 2012, Aviation Nation Nellis Air Force Base Open House, Nevada US. F-15C Eagles and F-16 Aggressor air-to-air "dog fight" demonstration. Also F-15E Strike Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon AGG, air-to-ground gunnery demonstration. Japanese: ネリス空軍基地エアショーでの模擬空戦(F-15C vs F-16 Aggressor)とAGG対地攻撃デモ(F-15E, F-16)。空中では派手にフレアぶち撒いて、地上では仕掛けた爆薬が対地攻撃に同期して爆煙上げて、と、まぁえらいこと派手なデモでした。
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F-15F-15EStrike EagleFighting Falcon