Fat Albert's Jet Assisted Take Off - Miramar Air Show 1998

The C-130 Hercules of the Blue Angels team is again the key attraction at the 1998 Miramar Air Show ... The first with the Marines. "NCAS Miramar" is now "MCAS Miramar". I've been given another occasion to witness the famous C130 performing this great "stunt": A JATO take off. I'd like to share it with you. I'm always impressed because if one of the rocket doesn't come off, this would induce such an imbalance that I don't know how the C130 would behave, and if the pilot would be able to control that huge machine. I've seen a JATO take off on a French Mirage IV nuclear bomber. If I remember well, the JATO pod only had 4 booster rockets. That was really impressive.
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