Friday Flashback 03: Chinese Nanchang 02

The CJ-6 basic trainer aircraft is an all-original Chinese design that is commonly mistaken for a Yak 18A. Its predecessor, the Nanchang CJ-5, was a licence-built version of the Yak-18. However, advancements in pilot training brought a need for a new aircraft with improved performance and a tricycle landing gear. When the Soviet Union developed the Yak-18A, PLAAF engineers decided that its performance and design would not suit China's needs. The aircraft was designed in 1958 by the Nanchang Aircraft Factory (now Hongdu Aviation). As the Shenyang Aircraft Factory already had experience building the Shenyang JJ-1 begun technical research for the CJ-6, more than 20 Shenyang designers were transferred to Nanchang, including chief designers Tu Jida and Lin Jiahua. Xu Shunshou and Huang Zhiqian, then China's top aircraft designers, were also involved. Text: Historical Aviation Film Unit (HAFU) :: Aviation, Motorsport, Military Vehicles, Vintage Machinery & Steam ---- Support HAFU by becoming a Member, and in return you'll also get access to a number of Perks. See here for details: Video By Email Service : Sign up to get regular video links in your email inbox, on the days of the week and at the times you want them: ---- Copyright © 2020 Historical Aviation Film Unit. All Righters Reserved. This video material may not be reproduced in any form (except on other websites as an unedited embedded video which links back to to this YouTube master), without the written permission of the Historical Aviation Film Unit. This particularly applies to television broadcasters and other media outlets.
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