Here's Why No Nation Wants to go to Fight the F-15 Fighter jets

The US Air Force bought its last F-15 in 2001, but foreign sales have kept Boeing’s production line humming since. The company has twice in recent years tried to again attract the interest of the Air Force, first with the semi-stealthy Silent Eagle in 2010. In 2016, Boeing again introduced a new F-15, Eagle 2040C. Eagle 2040C is designed to carry up to sixteen AIM-120D AMRAAM , more than four times the original number. The Talon HATE datalink would allow the upgraded design to network with the F-22 Raptor. One concept of operation would have the stealthy—but relatively short on F-22 flying among enemy aircraft, passing on targeting information to a Eagle 2040C acting as a flying weapon battery. Refences: Thanks To: US Air Force
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