Indian Defence Updates : French Mirage 2000 to IAF,T-14 Armata FRCV,Agni 5 MIRV,HAL Su-30 Delay

Top 8 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today's "Indian Defence Updates" episode 3-10-2018 are as follows : 1. France to provide Mirage 2000 aircraft at very cheap prices to the IAF. 2. Forget Rafale, HAL cannot even produce and deliver Su-30 MKI's on time to the IAF. 3. T-14 Armata in the Spotlight as Indian Army Chief Visits Russia. 4. Rafale requirement reduced from 126 to 36 in consultation with defence officials : Defence Minister. 5. India's AGNI-5 advances ahead. 6. Ahead of IAF’s 86th anniversary, Garud Commandos conducts air exercise at Adampur Airbase. 7. Coast Guards of India and Vietnam to have joint exercise later this week. 8. India signs 17 pacts with Uzbekistan. ========================================== ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: ⭐ Connect with 'Indian Defence Updates' : →Instagram ► →Facebook ► →Twitter ► About : ' Indian Defence Updates ' is a very dedicated and Professionally operated YouTube Channel that brings you the latest updates related to Indian defence and latest technology News of Indian Army, Indian Air force, Indian Navy, and other related updates. indian defence news,indian defence news headlines,indian defence news latest, indian defence latest news, defence updates latest,defence updates india,indian defence updates latest,indian defence updates 2018,indian defence updates india,indian defence updates
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