Indiana Jones, Short Solent Mark III Passenger Flying Boat Cockpit tour 2/4

Short Solent Mark III Passenger Flying Boat Cockpit tour 2/4 Unique Technologies - The ex-BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation ) Short Solent Mark III flying boat, once owned by Howard Hughes substitutes for a Boeing China Clipper in Raiders of the Lost Ark. During its heyday, the late 1940s, the Solent III would fly passengers from Southampton, England, to Johannesburg, South Africa roundtrip for $1,400—the modern-day equivalent of $35,000. There are only two of these flying boats left in the world. When the museum offers guided tours on the weekends, most people flock to the flying boat. The Indy connection is a strong draw, as a scene was filmed on the plane’s second deck. A copy of Life Magazine marks the seat where Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones character sat in the movie. Everything inside the plane all original, from the cushioned dark green seats that look like they were made from old tweed sport coats, to the blue armrests that have ashtrays, to the “ladies lounge,” an Art Deco styled restroom that has a pink counter, pink cushioned stools and sinks. Crew: 7 Capacity: 34 passengers Length: 87 ft 8 in (26.7 m) Wingspan: 112 ft 9 in (34.3 m) Height: 34 ft 3¼ in [12] (10.45 m) Wing area: 1,487 ft² (138.1 m²) Empty weight: 47,760 lb (21,670 kg) Loaded weight: 78,000 lb (35,400 kg) Powerplant: 4×Bristol Hercules 637 radial piston engine, 1,690 hp (1,261 kW) each Maximum speed: 273 mph (237 knots, 440 km/h) Cruise speed: 244 mph[12] (212 knots, 393 km/h) Range: 1,800 miles (1,565 naut mi, 2,900 km) Service ceiling: 17,000 ft[12] (5,200 m) Rate of climb: 925 ft/min[12] (4.7 m/s) History of VH-TOB. Short S-45A Solent Mk 3. c/n S-1295 Built by Short Bros at Rochester, Kent as a Seaford 1 Delivered to Royal Air Force as NJ203 - October 24, 1946 Issued to No. 201 Squadron Oakland Aviation Museum TilTul LinksYouWantToRemember CIMG5299 Short Solent Mark III Passenger Flying Boat Cockpit tour
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