Max Level Ragnarok Mythic Gameplay and Review - New Viking Outlander in Fortnite STW

In this video I am sharing my review and some gameplay with the new Viking hero, the Fortnite Ragnarok mythic hero. In save the world, there are no fortnite ragnarok challenges needed to unlock the outlander class hero with a unique ability - you simply need to buy him in the event store for a discounted gold coust right now. As with all other stw heroes, teh fortnite ragnarok axe or fortnite ragnarok pickaxe is based on the skill tree progression and not something you need to buy or unlock with a challenge or direct grind. In this video I am sharing all stages of ragnarok showing the fortnite ragnarok cape and the fortnite ragnarok max level cosmetics with back bling, armor, glowing eyes and all the amazing goodies! #FortniteRagnarok As with all Fortnite save the world heroes, the fortnite ragnarok xp challenge is real if you want to test him in the end game - especially because he is a mythic hero (rarity affect total cost in xp grind). Once you have bought the hero and secured the fortnite ragnarok unlock you can boost him to level 50, that is power level 130 as a mythic hero and now as in br the fortnite ragnarok lvl 100. My gameplay include the hero with testing of abilities in the last evolution that can be a bit of a grind to reach for progressional players with a huge amount of hero xp and evolution materials needed to reach the fortnite ragnarok stage 5. How to get Mythics from Collection Book: Shuriken Master Sarah: About Master Grenadier Ramirez the Mythic Soldier Hero: Getting Mythic Master Grenadier from Transform: Fortnite | 6 Months Status | 180 Login Day Reward | Heroes, Skills, Research and Schematics ➤➤ Fortnite | Account Status | 250 Login Day Reward | Heroes, Skills, Research and Schematics ➤➤ MYTHIC Loot Llama insane luck ➤➤ MYTHIC LOOT - 6x Legendary Troll Truck Llama ➤➤ Fortnite | 7 day power 70 Survive The Storm Winter 2017 ➤➤ 14 Day Survival | Power 40 | Fortnite Survive The Storm ➤➤ MASTER GRENADIER RAMIREZ HERO | Mythic hero | Stuns | Aoe Damage | Amazingness ➤➤ BASE HYPE HERO | Electric Floor Damage Test | Pushing Smashers ➤➤ STRIKER A.C Legendary Outlander Review | Hard Punching Farmer ➤➤ WUKONG New Mythic Soldier Hero | Review | Gameplay | Personal Thoughts ➤➤ Fortnite | Login vBucks | First 6300 vBucks Breakdown | 800 vBucks | 300 vBucks | 150 vBucks ➤➤
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