Mcdonnell Douglas JSF proposal and x-36

Please Read Description I'm sorry for the bad quality and erupted end, but this is the best I got. It's an small clip that focuses on *insert title* The JSF program that spawns the f-35 was the largest and most anticipated program in aviation history. Thus it drew a large amounts of proposals from many different defense contractors. One of which is the Mcdonnell Douglas. The Pentagon scrapped it out of the competition and left only Lockheed and Boeing in because the MD vertical take-off and landing for the b-version had to use 2 engines, making the Marines, the one who will operate the b-version, to have serious concerns over it. However, its almost tailess feature is a revolutionary concept that will only move the already existing fly-by-wire control tech to a new height. It intergrates thrust vectoring as a solution for fly-by-wire control, truly a genius concept.
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