Meet the Old Plane That Could 'Kill' an F-22 or F-35

Meet the Old Plane That Could 'Kill' an F-22 or F-35 According to Michael, finding those weaknesses is what the exercise was all about. The 27th Fighter Training Squadron’s (FTS) T-38 Talon played the role of the opposing force for the U.S. Air Force (USAF) fifth-generation aircraft and partnering nations’ fourth-generation aircraft, during the recent allied exercise, Atlantic Trident 17. Even though as we have recently explained challenging the F-22 and F-35 is almost impossible, as reported by Staff Sgt. Natasha Stannard, 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs, in the article Art of War: fifth-gen, allies train to defeat future adversaries, through their mass in numbers and understanding, the red air adversarieswere able to pose a credible threat to the latest cutting edge fighters that took part in the exercise. Please help me to 200,000 subscribers. Please promotion and don't forget to subscribe to this channel. The massive THANKS YOU to everyone for watching and all of your support!
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