Military Aircraft part 3

The title in the videos say's Global Aircraft part 3, like in the other videos, that appens because that was the first title it had and Global Aircraft was the original title of this series but i changed it to Military Aircraft. Airplanes are just beautiful so i did a new tribute to them, this part countais some old Airplanes, Modern Airplanes, and Bombers, like the others i hope you like it and please comment and tell me what you tink of it. The Airplanes on this video are: P-39 Airacobra JU-87 Stuka P-3 Orion An-32 Cline A-7 Corsair II F-86 Sabre MiG-15 Fagot MiG-19 Farmer MiG-23 Flogger Su-7 Fitter-A Su-17 Fitter Su-27 Fencer Tu-22 Blinder Tu-22M Backfire Tu-95 Bear Tu-160 Blackjack The music is The Tillseekers - New Life (Lange mix)
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MiG-19FarmerMiG-23FloggerF-8FitterSu-27A-7Corsair IIFencerBlackjackBlinderBackfireBearAn-32ClineG-2P-3OrionMil