NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic

NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic MOSCOW : Two Russian MiG-31 fighter jets and an An-26 military transport plane that were on a training flight over the Baltic Sea’s neutral waters, were followed by a NATO F-18 fighter jet, the Russian defense ministry said on Tuesday. NATO said earlier that its fighter jets of the Baltic air-policing mission had intercepted three Russian planes over the Baltic Sea. Source : __________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks You For Watching..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Site : Facebook : Twitter : : Myspace : Tags::-- russia, usa vs russia, russia vs us, usa, russia vs america, russia vs united states, russia vs usa, russia vs usa military power, america vs russia, russia vs the united states, us army, putin, us, nato, us military, united states army, military, united states of america, us air force, russia (country), army, military comparison, russian army, navy, trump, ww3, america, china, top 10 army, united states air force, tank, united states, cold war, army comparison, air force russia, fighter jet, fighter, jet, sukhoi, fighter jets, russian fighter jet, news, fighter plane, military, su-27, aircraft, aviation, fighter aircraft (aircraft type), putin, russia (country), army, flying, plane, best fighter plane, russian jet, 6th generation fighter, fighter planes, russian fighter jets, navy, nato, technology, mig, russian, fly, documentary, f-22 raptor, f-35, f-22, us, moscow, mikoyan, mig-31, airplane, mig-29, boeing, su 35, su-35, military news, mig-35, us air force jet, military, fighter jet, fighter aircraft (aircraft type), plane, fighter jets, best jet fighter, us fighter jets, fighter, us air force, airplane, usa, flying, f-35, us navy, navy, us, news, air force, lockheed martin, army, aircraft, fighter plane, fighter aircraft, us army, best fighter, best fighter in the world, f35, technology, f-117 nighthawk, war, jets, best, documentary, aviation, f-35 lightning ii, landing, boeing, gun, china, take off, india, top 10, helicopter, pilot, f22, f-22, top russia, china, news, pakistan, putin, china military, russia military, south china sea, military, xi jinping, vladimir putin, politics, moscow, trump
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