North American T-28F Trojan - USAF "Raven" Aircraft

The first flight of the T28 prototype aircraft was in September of 1949, and the first model of the T28-- the T-28A—entered service with the U.S. Air Force in April of 1950. The U.S. Navy was so impressed with the rugged Trojan that in 1952, the Navy contracted North American Aviation to build an improved version of the Trojan for Navy primary flight training. That improved version of the Trojan turned out to be the T-28B with a more powerful Wright Cyclone R-1820 engine with 1425 horsepower and a three-bladed propeller. In 1962, North American began supplying a different model of the T28 -- the T28D—to the U.S. military for combat in Southeast Asia. The T-28D had six underling hardpoints able to accept a variety of weapons from gun pods and rockets to napalm and 500-pound bombs. The 385 "D" model aircraft were used extensively throughout the war zone, including the USAF "Raven" Forward Air Controllers in Laos. Music:
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