Northrop T-38 Talon -- Ibiza (LEIB) - Valencia (LEVC) -- X-Plane 11.11

Flight from Ibiza which is my "Military Test location" that I like to use for small and/or fast jets since the location has lots of open water and loads smoothly and in this flight I flew to Valencia which is much more detailed than Ibiza but naturally does use more resources so not for faster jets. I basically decided that since I have a demo flight scheduled inn Valencia that I would just make a short flight there to get an extra flight in vs. just moving the simulator there. Links for everything are below and the DA-62 + PA-28-181 Archer III double feature should be up next in the channel. T-38: Ibiza: Valencia: xEnviro: TerraMaxx: SoundMaxx: XPRealistic Pro: Aircraft Livery: This is a custom one-off that I made before the flight but if anyone does want it I will be glad to upload a copy if you let me know in the comments or in the M Smith Flight inbox.
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