Royal Canadian Air Force C-17 Globemaster III Action | London Int'l

IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Today, a Royal Canadian Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster III headed down to London from Trenton to take roughly over six hundred Air Cadets on a familiarization flight around southern Ontario and over Lake Ontario itself. The movement itself was quite delayed as the aircraft was due to show up at 0900hrs and instead showed up at 1445hrs due to a mechanical delay. They finally arrived on RWY 15 and parked at Apron 1 where they did about five to six flights departing off of RWY 15, circling around and landing back on RWY 15, two of those filmed in this video, both takeoffs and the landings, the landings from Robins Hill Rd, one side view and the final on a head on. Enjoy the video! Cheers! Ernest G. AIRCRAFT INFO: Airline: Operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force Flight: BISN5 Call sign: "BISON 5" Aircraft: Boeing CC-177 Globemaster III Registration: 177702 Origin: Canadian Forces Base Trenton (CYTR) Date Filmed: 18MAY19 Times: Filmed from 1445hrs to 1700hrs © Ernest Gutschik Aviation 2019 #RoyalCanadianAirForce #C17Globemaster #London
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