RUDRA:INDIA’S INDIGENOUS ATTACK HELICOPTER #JOK RUDRA:INDIA’S INDIGENOUS ATTACK HELICOPTER INTRODUCTION: The HAL Rudra (Sanskrit: "The God Of The Tempest”) is an armed (Weapon System Integrated ) version of HAL Dhruv. The HAL Rudra is manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Army & its the first indigenous attack helicopter manufacture in India ORIGINE: While flight testing the Light Combat Helicopter, a modified version of HAL Dhruv, the Indian Army came to the conclusion that without making any major modifications to the Dhruv air-frame, an armed variant can also be developed and delivered to the army quickly. This variant was named Rudra. SPECIFICATIONS: Crew: 1 or 2 pilots Capacity: 12 passengers (14 passengers with high density seating) Maximum speed: 290 km/h (180 mph, 156.58 kn) Combat radius: 320 km (200 mi, 175 nmi) Service ceiling: 6,096 m (20,000 ft) Rate of climb: 10.3 m/s (2,030 ft/min) Armament: Guns: 1 x 20mm M621 cannon Missiles/Rockets: 8 Helina (Helicopter-launched Nag) Anti-tank guided missiles (planned for Air-Force & Army version) 4 MBDA Mistral short-range Air-to-air missiles (Air-Force & Army version) 4 x 68 mm or 70 mm Rocket Pods (Air-Force & Army version) 2 Torpedoes or Depth charges (Navy version) 2 Anti-ship missiles (Navy version) It has integrated sensors, weapons and electronic warfare suite, and uses an upgraded version of the glass cockpit used in the HAL Dhruv Mk-III The sensors include stabilised day and night cameras, infrared imaging as well as laser ranging and designation.[4] It has an Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) from SAAB, with electronic warfare self-protection which is fully integrated into the glass cockpit. On-board self-defence systems include radar & missile detectors, IR jammer, chaff and flare dispensers. Missions: Reconnaissance Troop Transport Anti-tank warfare and close air support HAL was contracted to deliver about 76 Rudra ALH Mk-IV helicopters for the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. The Indian Army plans to equip its Army Aviation Corps with 60 helicopters, forming six squadrons. HAL handed over the first Rudra helicopter to the Indian Army in February 2013. Subscribe & More Videos: Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #halrudra, #helicopterinvention
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