Russia MOD Ka 52K Naval Attack Helicopter & Ka 29 Naval Assault Transport Helicopter 1080p

Ka-52K Katran Helicopter is a ship-based version of the Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and combat helicopter, which is under production for the Russian Armed Forces. The new ship-borne Ka-52K is based on the airframe of the Ka-52 Alligator, which itself is a modified variant of the Ka-50 attack helicopter. The fuselage is covered with resilient anti-corrosion coating and is fitted with folding blades and wings. The equipment and systems of the helicopter have been modified to suit naval operations. Ka-52K weapon systems The helicopter carries a 2A42-1 30mm automatic cannon and high-fragmentation, explosive incendiary, or armour-piercing rounds. The Ka-52K is also capable of launching Kh-31 and Kh-35 air-to-surface missiles, similar to carrier-based MiG-29K/KUB multipurpose fighter jets and Sukhoi Su-33 (Flanker-C) aircraft. Engines and performance The power-plant integrates two VK-2500 or VK-2500P turbo-shaft engines developing a maximum take-off power of 2,400hp each. The engines provide a maximum speed of 300km/h and cruising speed of 260km/h. The helicopter has an operational ceiling of 5,500m and can climb at a maximum rate of 16m/s. The practical and ferry ranges of the rotorcraft are 460 km and 1,100km respectively. The Ka-29TB features an entirely new, much widened forward fuselage, with a flight deck seating three members of the crew side-by-side, one of these crew members acting as a gunner to aim the various types of weapons carried on the four hardpoints of the helicopter's pair of strut-braced lateral pylons, and the trainable 7.62-mm machine-gun hidden behind and articulated door on the starboard side of the nose. In addition, the two-piece curved windscreen of the Ka-27 has given way to a five-piece unit. The Ka-29 accommodates 16 fully-equipped troops. Alternatively in the medical evacuation role it can carry 4 stretchers, 7 seated casualties and medical attendants. Also it can carry external loads on a sling with a maximum weight of 4 000 kg. This helicopter can be armed with 9M114 Shturm-V (Western reporting name AT-6 Spiral) anti tank guided missiles (four missiles per hardpoint), pods with unguided 57-mm or 80-mm rockets, bombs, submunition dispensers and even torpedoes. It can also carry pods with 23-mm cannon and 250 rounds of ammunition each. There is provision for a 30-mm cannon, mounted above port outrigger with 250 round ammunition feed from the cabin. These weapons are used to support seaborne assault troops and to soften up enemy defenses. The Ka-29 is also armored. It has 350 kg of armor around cockpit and engines. YouTube is hammering our Revenue and other Military News Channels on YouTube, its getting very difficult to continue our mission without sufficient funds. We Request you to support Us via Patron Support our Channel Thank you
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