Russia's Su-57 vs. America's F-22 Raptor (Who Wins?)

Russia's Su-57 vs. America's F-22 Raptor (Who Wins?) The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is the king of skies—it combines stealth and eye-watering kinematic performance with a power array of sensors weapons. For over a decade since the Raptor was declared operational in December 2005, the F-22 has been unquestionably the best air superiority fighter ever built. But challengers are starting to appear. After emerging from its post-Soviet doldrums, Russia has developed a challenger to the mighty F-22 in the form of the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK-FA, which is scheduled to enter limited service in 2019. But does the Su-57 represent a genuine challenge to the Raptor? Written By TNI Staff Source : ______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks You For Watching..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Site : Facebook : Twitter : : Myspace : Tags:- defence news,news,world news,weapon,asia news,military news,military,event,military event,defense news,,defence update, defense update,military update, ballistic missile, intercontinental ballistic missile, missile, military, cruise missile vs ballistic missile, difference between cruise and ballistic missile, icbm, north korea, missile defense, ballistic, cruise missile, war, weapons, nuclear, army, us, news, missile launch, icbm missile, ballistic missiles, missiles, russia, china, launch, united states, navy, saudi arabia, trump, yemen, riyadh, brahmos, hawaii, south korea, defence, threat f-22 raptor,f-22,raptor,f-22 raptor in action,f 22 raptor,lockheed martin f-22 raptor (aircraft model),lockheed martin f-22 raptor,f-22 raptor demo,f22 raptor,f-22 raptor sound,f-22 raptor takeoff,f-22 takeoff,f-22 in action,yf-23,yf-22,military,jet,aircraft,airplane,f 22 raptor top speed,f 22 raptor videos,usaf,lockheed martin,stealth,us air force,f 22,f22,martin f-22 raptor vs russia's sukhoi su-35 sukhoi,sukhoi su-57,su-57,pak-fa,sukhoi pak fa (aircraft model),su-57 fighter,russia su-57 fighter jet,sukhoi pak fa,sukhoi (aircraft manufacturer),su-35,pakfa,pak fa,stealth,su-57 stealth fighter,sukhoi t 50 pak fa,russia,t-50,putin,airplane,sukhoi (aviation incident),sukhoi pak fa t-50,sukhoi t-50,stealth fighter,jet,fighter,#sukhoi,#su57,aviation,fighter jet border,standoff,india china border,doklam standoff,china,india,india china border standoff,border dispute,sikkim standoff,doklam,bhutan,sikkim,india china standoff,india china border issue,india china,news,border standoff,doklam border standoff,india china border standoff ends,latest news,war,military,modi,ladakh,india vs china,chinese,pakistani media on india,beijing,india china war,indian,army,hindi news,tibet,indian army
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