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Footage Farm is a historical audio-visual library. The footage in this video constitutes an unedited historical document and has been uploaded for research purposes. Some viewers may find the archive material upsetting. Footage Farm does not condone the views expressed in this video. For broadcast quality material of this clip or to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at [1970s (?) - Color, Military Aviation: Sikorsky UTTAS promotional film] Large helicopter; cockpit shot; nose; cu rotors. 08:54:34 Two army helicopters one carrying artillery in sling; the other jeep or ??. From above four carrying military equipment beneath. Various views carrying. 08:55:07 Military w/ two large side windows low over trees, fields, CU landing w/ troops out & run into trees. From above; in cockpit. Crash testing. 08:56:05 Title: The Sikorsky Uttas. Sd. Illustrations of Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System. Dissolve to actual & soldiers out. 08:56:30 Aerial over large Sikorsky Aircraft factory w/ roof sign. Pan US Army UTTAS helicopter sitting on runway; men fold up tail. Illustration; chart highlighting capabilities. Helicopter in field, soldiers to it, get in & take off. Interior shots, medical treatment inside for wounded crew; Medevac w/ stretchers shown. 08:59:02 H34 army helicopter landing. 08:59:30 Drawing of transmission system. Rotors. Exploded views of parts of modular system. 09:00:32 Mechanic greasing transmission by hand & brush & reassembling. Disassembling. Maintaining. Instructing; drawings & working motor / transmission. 09:02:00 Motor w/ rotors mounted on top of whirl stand / tower while testing. 09:02:08 Air to air Marines CH-53 helicopter in flight. Illustration of transmission of conventional & Sikorsky UTTAS. Several helicopters; view from inside, shadow below, view out front window. Parked & in flight Marines chopper. Rotor swept tip against sun, turning. 09:03:51 POV from behind pilot flying above forested canyon, from ground. 09:04:15 Mechanic walks out, looks at rotor. BIM pressurized system described. Tail rotor explained. 09:05:22 Rotor diagrams. 09:05:37 Navy helicopter, others comparing size to UTTAS. S58 or H34 shown in flight. CH53 coming in low; in flight air to air. S67 flying for speed record. 09:06:14 CH53 or S67 performing rolls & diving. Charge showing many models. S61 Presidential Helicopter low over mall to White House. UTTAS testing on flight simulator & in wind tunnel. The End. Sikorsky Promotional Films; Military Industrial Contractor; 1970s; NOTE: UTTAS program ran from 1972-1978.
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