SR-71 Blackbird 17972 record holder @ smithsonian air udvar museum

sr71 SR-71A Blackbird -- close up walk around at the Smithsonian Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center... just have to admire a plane that can really go fast,, what else can i say -- 2010 May 15. Since putting up this video, i read up a little on the serial # 2023/61-7972 here and the display sign states recorded last flight from LA to DC - 1hr 7mins 53.7secs on 1990 Mar 6. But some other interesting facts which most would not know: The LA to DC was 2086 miles, average speed 2145 mph This has the low-visibility Air Force Logistics Command insignias and markings which is red color. The tail has the Lockheed Skunk Works emblem. The tail cone has an outlet for fuel dump. The engine inlet cones look fully forward and would retract at Mach 1.2 to control airflow into engines. Full retraction is 26" for Mach 3.2 cruise. See the yellow round spot on the port side, that's the emergency pull handle canopy jettison and below that on the underside is a retractable blade UHF antenna. Then a little forward is a cone shape passive ECM (electronic counter measure) ID antenna (port side) and a starboard one (which the video shows a better view). There are two fairings on the nose chines for radar homing and warning (RHAW) to alert pilot of enemy emissions. This serial # also recorded the trans-Atlantic speed record NY to London on 1974 Sep 1, 1hr 54min 56.4sec, 3490 miles, average 1807 mph Then recorded a westward trip London to LA 12 days later, 3hrs 47mins 35.8sec, 5645 miles, average 1436 mph; then did the LA to DC record to park at the Smithsonian. I don't know how they come up with fractional seconds? Disclaimer: found other references has different values for records. If the music is too loud, turn volume lower/down,, my first attempt adding music. Did you see the "Loon missile" drone, the N3N-3 Yellow Peril, F4U-ID Corsair, P40E Kittyhawk, P26A Peashooter, Westland Lysander IIIA, I-S-2100 Albatross Falcon, .... if not,, set video in loop to see them hanging from the ceiling
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