Tension: Air Force U.S Send 24 F-22 And Stealth Fighters Plus An E-3

Tension: Air Force U.S send 24 F-22and stealth fighters plus an E-3 Instead of always painstakingly deploying entire 24-plane squadrons or even the whole 48-jet wing, as custom dictated, in 2013 wing officers wrote new procedures for sending a quartet of F-22s plus a single supporting C-17 practically anywhere in the Pacific region possessing a suitable airfield, all within 24 hours of the word "go."? A U.S. Air Force wing in Alaska managed to launch 24 F-22 Raptor stealth fighters plus an E-3 radar plane and a C-17 transport, all in quick succession. The dramatic "elephant walk" at Elmendorf Air Force Base was more than an impressive photo-op. It showed off much of the new, bigger F-22 force at the base, underscored the resident 3rd Wing's apparently improving maintenance capabilities and underscored the Air Force's evolving strategy for deploying F-22s and other planes in self-sustaining small groups. Source :http://bit.ly/2yHsyWR Rear Music :http://bit.ly/2SG3oky
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