UK's F-35B in Action (Take-off and Landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth Supercarrier)

Here's the F-35B super stealth fighter jets in Action Take-off and Landing on royal navy giant carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. In November 2015, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that the UK will order the full original total of 138 F-35 aircraft to equip the Royal Navy's two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. The aircraft will also be used by the Royal Air Force over time, and be one of the replacements for the Panavia Tornado. It was stated that at least 24 of the aircraft would be available by 2023 for use on board one of the navy's aircraft carriers, thus leaving more time for testing and training before it becomes operational. It is expected that all 138 F-35 aircraft will be in service by the 2030s. At least one permanent F-35 squadron will stand up sometime around 2018, but this is expected to increase to two or three squadrons in the 2020s. The F-35 will be one of the two main fast jet aircraft operated by the UK, the other being the Eurofighter Typhoon. Footage: Lockheed martin UK MoD Royal Navy #UKf35 #RoyalNavyF35 #RAFf35 ------------------------------------------- Music by DTD Music
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