United States Donated 4 OV 10G+ Broncos Dragon to Philippine Air Force worth US$2million

The Philippine Air Force is said to be the last and only operator of the Rockwell International OV-10 Bronco, which it has been operating since the early 1990s. Depending on sources, the PAF currently only has around 8 to 10 operational OV-10s, composed of OV-10As acquired from the US in 1990s, OV-10M upgraded from OV-10As, and OV-10Cs provided by the Thai government and previously operated by the Royal Thai Air Force. The few remaining OV-10s in PAF service are upgraded with the capability to deliver Paveway II laser guided bombs via the Wireless Paveway Avionics Kit OV-10G+ for the Philippine Air Force: MaxDefense was informed about the negotiations to acquire the OV-10G+ Combat Dragon II Broncos as early as February 2018. The acquisition was really focused not on the aircraft, but for the transfer of OV-10 Bronco spare parts stored by the US government. The Philippine Air Force was originally after the OV-10 spare parts pool, which the US holds at the moment and is said to be worth several millions of dollars. With nowhere to use for, the US government offered to the PAF to acquire the spare parts for far less by just paying the transfer and shipping costs, which MaxDefense believes to be at just over US$2 million for everything, and the US government is gracefully including 4 air-worthy airframes with it plus some replacement parts. The spare parts are said to be enough for the Philippine Air Force to allow them to operate whatever flying OV-10s they have in their fleet up to year 2024, and might even be enough to revive at least 2 more cannibalised units that can also continue operating for several years more. Due to the urgency of the deal, the Philippine Air Force appears to have been forced to use its own annual operating funds to pay for the package instead requesting for funding from the national government, which would take several months. Case in point: Jordanian AH-1Fs which are unpaid until now despite requested almost a year ago, and the Pohang-class corvette transfer which took almost 2 years to fund.
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