US F-22 jets intercept Russian bombers

Russian MoD: US Fighters Escorted Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Over Arctic Ocean The Russian Defense Ministry stated that US F-22 fighter jets had been escorting Russian long-range aircraft for 40 minutes without approaching them closer than 100 meters. The ministry has emphasized that the Russian bombers had been conducting a flight over neutral waters of the Arctic Ocean. Alaska‬,Tupolev Tu-95‬, ‪Russia‬,Bomber‬, ‪Stealth aircraft‬,Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor‬‬,russia boomber intercept with f22,russia boomber intercept,norad,tu-95,russian bomber alaska tu-95 bear,russian bomber canada,tu 95,russian bombers,su-35,11tu-95 bear bombers,russian tu-95,stealth fighter,b 25,russian bear bomber,russian tu-95 bear bombers ,tu 95 bear bomber,russian tu 95،24b-2 stealth bomber,russia alaska,russian tu-95 bear,russian bombers near alaska,russian bombers alaska,us intercepts russian bombers,us stealth bomber
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