US Navy F-18 Super Hornets and Omega DC-10 Tanker - Prestwick [4K/UHD]

Thursday 25th April 2019 saw the pair of US Navy F-18 Super Hornets that arrived the previous day depart Prestwick Airport for Switzerland, where the Hornets are part of a "test drive" by the swiss. They were accompanied by their "Big Brother" as ATC called the Omega DC-10 Tanker. The chicks departed first and doubled back to catch up with the mother bird to fly as a military unit at 27,000 feet to Switzerland The candidates will be tested in alphabetical order, according to the name of the builders: -- Airbus, Germany, Eurofighter: Weeks 15 and 16 -- Boeing, USA, F / A-18 Super Hornet: Weeks 17 and 18 -- Dassault, France, Rafale: Weeks 20 and 21 -- Lockheed Martin, USA, F-35A: Weeks 23 and 24 -- Saab, Sweden, Gripen E: Weeks 25 and 26
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