Vario UH-1 Huey / Air Cav - Turbine Power Heli

Extremely detailed turbine Vario UH-1 Huey in Vitenam Era Air Cavalry livalry from Team Gi.Pi from Siena Italy. Vario Details Our implementation of the UH-1 model series deliberately starts with this Bell 205, as it is the only version with a rotor diameter of 1630 mm, i.e. it is the smallest one we offer. The kit contains a 10-part fuselage, glazing panels - both the upper ones in green - a set of bulkheads, skid landing gear and a set of vacuum-molded external dummy fittings. For the tail rotor drive system a ballraced stainless steel drive shaft is supplied, complete with claw connections. Further small items complete the inventory. The 40° angle gearbox for the tail rotor is available as a separate accessory. The model illustrated is fitted out with optional scale accessories. The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled. Specs: Length: 1470mm Width: 290mm Rotor Dia: 1630mm Turbine: 11.5 Radio: 6 Channels Thanks for watching and please subscribe
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