WHY (USA) AH-64 is WORSE than (Russia) Mi-28

★New Video Every Saturday★ Answering to a common question: Why the American AH-64 Apache is worse than Russian Mi-28? This is also a good way to show you how I value the machines and choose the positions in my Top10s ►More Military/Technology: http://bit.ly/Military-Technology ►HOW (Military) Helicopters Work https://youtu.be/4wYvPUcoD3E ►TOP10 Attack Helicopters https://youtu.be/LgsTv8POlBo ????Support the Channel: http://www.PayPal.Me/DarthDesigner http://www.patreon.com/DarthDesigner ???? Video Informations: • The classification is based on QUALITY following SPECS gave by the builder companies and official military websites. Some of the sources used are linked below. • The machines need to be tested, active and/or delivered! No concepts, prototypes or not evaluable blueprints! • The music is present ONLY if necessary. If possible, the original machine sound will always be present. • The images in the video are only demonstrative. Sometimes the machine shown isn’t the right model/variant. • My videos all fall under fair use as the videos used are transformative in nature, are not meant to be a replacement of the original material and not shown in their entirety. All clips are used for the purpose of analysis and review, to show my own personal opinion on the topic of this video. ???? Quick link for each machine: http://bit.ly/Mi28n http://bit.ly/AH-64 ???? Sources: http://aermech.in/ www.af.mil www.airbushelicopters.com www.airrecognition.com http://all-aero.com www.analisidifesa.it www.army.mil http://www.army-guide.com/ www.armyrecognition.com www.army-technology.com www.ausairpower.net www.aviastar.org www.aviation-history.com/ www.boeing.com/defense/ www.defenceweb.co.za https://defencyclopedia.com www.defenseindustrydaily.com www.defensenews.com http://defense-update.com www.designation-systems.net www.fas.org www.fighter-planes.com www.flightglobal.com http://fighting-vehicles.com/ www.globalfirepower.com www.globalsecurity.org www.janes.com www.military.com www.military-today.com www.militaryfactory.com https://militarymachine.com www.militarypedia.it http://missiledefenseadvocacy.org http://missilethreat.com/ http://navalanalyses.blogspot.it/ www.navy.mil www.navyrecognition.com http://news.usni.org/ http://www.nexter-group.fr www.royalnavy.mod.uk https://ruptly.tv http://rusnavy.com/ www.russiadefence.net www.russianhelicopters.aero/ru/ www.russianspaceweb.com/ saab.com www.seaforces.org www.sukhoi.org www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ http://tass.ru http://www.theaviationzone.com https://thediplomat.com https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.wordpress.com http://www.uraltransmash.com/ http://uvz.ru/ http://weaponsystems.net ???? Music: Wicked_Things from YT Audiolibrary ????Contacts: • eMail: thedarthdesigner@gmail.com • FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DarthDesigner • INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/DarthDesigner/ • TWITTER: http://twitter.com/DDarthDesigner #TOP10 #DarthDesigner #helicopter
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